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Updated on Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Best Place ON CAMPUS to get food

Packing a lunch is great but sometimes you get lazy and want to splurge when you are on campus. But where do you go? We asked you to vote on the best places to get food on campus and here are the results.

1. The Bombshelter Pub (14.43%)

You picked it. Your number one go to place for food on campus is the Bomber. Right in the heart of the Student Life Centre, the Bomber is operated by the Federation of Students and offers a wide selection of food from Garden Salads to Crispy Chicken Wraps to All Day Breakfasts to noodles. Pricing is decent as you can get a meal from anywhere between $10 - $15. You can also wet your whistle with a beer, wine, or even Red Rain from the bar. You can check out them out here or skip straight to their menu.

2. Tim Horton's (13.56%)

Standard affair with the numerous Tim's locations across campus. They are all operated by UW Food Services and you can find one in David Centre, Modern Languages, South Campus Hall, SLC, and UWP.

3. Modern Languages Coffee Shop (12.33%)

Modern Languages Coffee Shop (or is it ML's diner? Because that what their logo says) is nestled in the basement of the Modern Languages building. UW Food Services' lackluster description ("Famous for its diner-style menu, ML's will lure your taste buds") does not do justice to the selection of quality of their food. You can typically get a sandwich or burger with a drink for under $10. Make sure to go early as their hours are only from 9am to 2:30pm.

4. Math C&D (9.62%)

The Math C&D (or as it is know the "Right Angle Cafe") is on the third floor of the Math and Computing building. Once in massive debt and bailed out by Mathematics Society, the coffee shop rose to new heights in popularity with students. For a few bucks, you can get a massive bowl of Mac and Cheese, chilli, or soup. They also offer many reasonable priced sandwiches, salads, and baked goods. Check out their website and hours here.

5. ES Coffee Shop (7.52%)

The ES Coffee Shop is located in EV1-138 and is operated by the Environment Student Society. The Coffee Shop offers a small selection of food and drinks at cheap prices. Check out their Samosas (one for $1.50) and Curry dishes ($4.50 for meat and $4.00 for veggie) for a filling lunch or dinner. You can check out the rest of the menu here.


  1. Wow, that guy working the counter at the ENV coffee shop sure is a looker

  2. He sure is a looker.........

  3. Sad that Grad House didn't make it. But Bomber is definitely underappreciated as a food location.

  4. No mention of $7 oversized high quality poutine at the bomber?

  5. ML's does shakes, so I go there at least once a week

  6. This section is....awesome. I didn't think I'd like this as much as I do.

    I cant wait for "Best washrooms of UW"

    1. QNC, definitely. It was love at first bladder relieve.

      (no wonder I'm single :/)

  7. One of my favorites hangout place at environmental 3 building. Williams is a great place to have lunch (highly recommend the BLT & A) or a coffee with friends.Williams serves coffee, obviously, but it also serves a wide array of sandwiches, smoothies and desserts.My favourite combination for the choices are the pesto chicken panini, strawberry fields salad w/ feta.Service is generally pleasant and prompt.